Brian Carlson is a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) and USAW-1 weightlifting strength coach and personal trainer.  Brian earned his Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology with a Minor in Strength and Conditioning from Washington State University.  He used practical application of this knowledge working in a Division-I weight room as Head Student Intern with a large variety of varsity sports teams.  He is a current graduate student at San Diego State University obtaining two Master’s degrees in Exercise Physiology and Nutritional Sciences.  Brian prides himself in his personal dedication to physical fitness and health and has experience coaching athletes from the amateur to professional level.
   Brian can provide a personal training experience focused on gaining strength, power, increased performance, body recomposition and overall health.

Getting Started

Everyone has to start somewhere.  Even the greats were once beginners.  What's stopping you on your path of personal growth and development. Encouragement? Expertise? Time? Energy?  Quit making excuses and make the decision to finally start on the path to the best version of yourself.
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What is Fitness?

My belief is that fitness is more than just exercise or trips to the gym.  Being fit is being the best and strongest version of yourself.  Fitness challenges you physically and mentally.  Fitness brings out things from inside that you didn’t know existed.  Fitness teaches you more than just a workout or how to be “in shape”.  Fitness is having an understanding about your body that most people lack.  You feel how an exercise makes it grow stronger.  You feel how putting proper nutrients into your body makes it more powerful.  Fitness isn’t just a workout. It’s a deeper understanding of yourself.

My Coaching Philosophy:

  I have a holistic approach to fitness and training.  I believe that the mind controls the body and we have a direct control over our minds.  Mental training is just as important as the physical training.  One cannot grow without the other.  Tools like meditation and yoga are invaluable for an athlete regardless of their sport or goals.  What sets the best apart from the good is their mindset.   Part of this holistic approach is having a complete diet that complements a complete training program.  Training and exercise is different for every person.  The same thing may work for multiple people, but it may not be the most optimal way to train.  I use my experience with training a large variety of clients to help you discover the best way to train for you!  I believe in eating whole foods rich in nutrients.  The first step in losing weight is not just to reduce calories but to fundamentally fix how our body burns fat.  Part of this process is cutting away the processed foods that make up a majority of most peoples’ diets. What you get out of your body can only equal what you put into it.

3 Pillars of Personal Training

1. Improved Quality of Life
2. Development of Physical and Mental Strength
3. Promote a Growth Mindset

3 Pillars of Athletic Coaching

1. Triphasic Based Undulating Periodization
2. Intensity Regulated by Velocity Based Training
3. Daily Intensity Based on HRV & Grip Strength


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